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We Ensure Quality towards all our services

To provide a quality service to its customers by ensuring that the deliverables meet mutually agreed requirements and are furnished in the most cost-effective manner.

To promote customer focus and awareness of customer requirements at all levels in the organization.

To implement management systems in all aspects of the company’s business in accordance with adopted ISO quality, safety and environmental standards.

To review the business objectives including the objectives for the management system as part of the business strategy processes.

To achieve effectiveness of the management system through open communication and ongoing training and development of all its personnel and processes.

To foster the role of leadership and the involvement of all personnel in the planning and operations of the management system.

To ensure legislative and management system compliance and strive for continual improvement in all management system processes and outputs.

To espouse risk-based thinking to prioritize mitigation interventions for prevention and reduction of strategic, operational and project risk.

EPCM Support

Some of our  Engineering Project Construction Management support services listed below.

Nzou’s team is well versed in all aspects of the commonly used

standard form construction and engineering contracts, including

FIDIC, NEC2, NEC3, JBCC and GCC. We advise various parties on

the appropriate form of contract for any particular project, and are

experienced in drafting and negotiating appropriate amendments

to these standard form contracts.

In addition to advising on standard form contracts, our team

has extensive experience in preparing tailor-made contracts

to suit any project. To this end, our team has vast experience

in bespoke construction and engineering contracts, ranging

from professional services contracts, engineer, procure and

construct (EPC) contracts, engineer, procure and construction

management (EPCM) contracts, supply contracts and operation

and maintenance (O&M) contracts

Complex and volatile projects require tighter controls over scope, time, cost and risk. Our team members are outstanding practitioners in the planning, scheduling and controls in all areas of Project Management. We have the experience and expertise to improve efficiencies, manage budgets and add value to your project.

Our Project Planning, Scheduling and Control Services Include:

  • Scope definition and project planning,
  • Time scheduling and resource management
  • Procurement planning and execution
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Risk response planning and mitigation
  • Cost management and control
  • Scope change management and control
  • Contract administration and contractor oversight

Our Project Planning, Scheduling and Control Services help clients:

  • Improve time and cost performance
  • Ensure best practice planning and scheduling standards are met
  • Minimise cost blowouts
  • Plan for and mitigate risk
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Provide cost control and reporting systems tailored to your needs

Nzou has applied its project management skills on a diverse range of sectors. Our technical excellence and an innate understanding of the project management lifecycle means you can trust us with the total management of every aspect of your project.We have the experience and expertise to improve efficiencies, manage budgets and add value to your business.

Nzou’s experienced team members have extensive expertise in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). Our team provides accurate and timely information and advice to help assess the overall performance and delivery of projects and project portfolios.

Nzou’s Quality Consulting has the hands-on experience and expertise to effectively coach your organization and to correctly interpret the quality standard for your particular application. The organizations have ranged in size from very small to very large, with one site or multiple locations.

We work with only the most reputable registrars to ensure your certification has the proper national and international recognition for your industry. We also ensure your registrar “partner” is well suited to work with you to continually improve your quality management system and organizational effectiveness.

As companies continue seeking worldwide sourcing and distributing products in multiple markets, they will require extensive sophisticated operational and logistics solutions across geographies.

The strategic global presence and diversification of the Group in terms of geographies, currencies, industries, products and services allows it to manage a network of interconnected activities for multinational retailors, including planning, organising, sourcing, procurement and logistics from origin to point-of-consumption.

By integrating and assembling the intellectual capital and technology of the Group worldwide, Nzou is able to design, develop, execute, manage and control comprehensive supply chain solutions for clients in the following markets.

We provide HR services to help companies establish the systems required to support their Human Resources and Industrial Relations functions. Implementation of HR policies and procedures, job profiling, job evaluations, performance management. IR support – disciplinary process, chairing hearings. Both clients, SFG Managers and Representatives can call upon the SFG IR/HR Department at any time to assist with complex HR or IR issues. With regards to Industrial Relations, all matters are resolved in accordance with legislative procedures with a view to concluding issues quickly and fairly so as not to upset productivity, incur downtime or waste client management time.

Nzou coordinates the works in each phase of construction, project management and control is also handled from the beginning by Nzou. The client receives everything from one source, and has only one contact for the entire building project.
Nzou works with all companies out of the Power Generation, Water Automation, Pulp and Paper, Renewable Energy (PV Solar) and Industrial and Medical Gas. etc., and provides the structure at the agreed time, turnkey ready. The client can take over the completely fitted building and can start with its operations without a loss of time.